An innovative non-profit organization on Florida's Gulf Coast is opening doors and changing lives forever.  Whether you are in need of help or looking to lend your support, the surprising and original Manatee Senior Advocacy Council, Inc.

Just picture it!  But wait . . .  It’s not what you might think!  It’s not buying tops for seniors, it’s a fantastic local non-profit raising money to help local seniors in need by offering T-shirts for sale for a limited time only!

The Manatee County Senior Advocacy Council, Inc. (MSAC) is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization spreading the news to both seniors in need as well as the community at large with T-shirts.  

If you haven’t heard of MSAC before you aren’t aware of all of their good works either, meeting the unmet needs of seniors in the community by offering grants on a per need basis and these fun shirts are making it happen!  Grants include necessities for seniors who don’t enjoy the means to purchase basics as well as through financial assistance with personal emergency response systems, medically necessary dental expenses, and medically necessary durable medical equipment.

To buy your shirt and support seniors, go to http://teespring.com/MSAC.

It’s simple and easy to lend a hand - order a shirt!  You don’t pay now, only if and when Manatee Senior Advocacy Council, Inc. reaches their quota of shirts.  That’s how TeeSpring works to boost the incredible cause.  How ideal to fundraise in a way that anyone can participate, even senior to senior.


Be a super hero and buy a shirt for seniors, today - click here before time runs out!



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